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Meteorites in Jewelry

In case you are thinking of getting jewellery for your loved one on Valentine's Day or another occasion, please lay off the diamonds this time. We always gift our loved ones with something special and rare as an expression of love and to convey that we have a special place for them in our lives. Usually, it is in the form of jewellery such as diamonds, gold, platinum, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.

While the limelight of precious jewellery is often stolen by diamonds and platinum, which are quite expensive due to their lustre and shine, we must understand that there are things much rarer than these. Have you ever heard of cosmic jewellery?

What Is Cosmic Jewelry?

Cosmic jewellery is mostly made from pieces of meteors and asteroids. Meteorites are both rare and unique. They are not naturally formed anywhere on Earth, and their only source is space. Even though there are thousands of meteor showers and landings in a year, only a small percentage of these are fit for incorporation into jewellery.  This is because there are many different types of meteors, and most of them are not jewellery quality as they just look like any other stone on Earth. However, there are specific types of meteors that are perfect for turning into precious stones.

Do you offer an engraving service?

All alternative wedding bands in my store are personalized and come with custom laser engraving. It is Free of cost and comes with your purchase. You can choose any meaningful phrase, effective date, initials, love quotes, or foreign language phrases engraved inside or outside the ring. You can select as many characters as you want. It is suggested to choose up to 35 characters since the longer the text smaller the letters, it is hard to read.

Do you accept custom requests?

I accept custom requests. You can send me an image, logo, fingerprints, and heart to be engraved outside or inside the ring. I will start working on your order. The price of custom orders depends on the difficulty of the work.

Should the engraving fade away with time?

No, the engraving will not fade away. I use the highest quality modern laser technologies that do not leave any slightest error, making the engraving look flawless.

Can I return a personalized ring?

All handmade, personalized, and custom-made products are not returnable since they were made especially for a customer. It will be impossible to change it without damage to the ring's design or resell it in the future, even if it is in perfect condition. Therefore, the custom-made items cannot be returned for refunds. If you have ordered the wrong size and would like to make an exchange, contact the store. An additional restocking fee may apply.

Can I request a ring sizer from your shop?

If you are not sure about your ring size, you can request a ring sizer after placing an order. I will send you the ring sizer; first, you will try to see your correct ring size, and then I will send you the size you need.

Do you have a merchant warranty?

All bands in my store come with a merchant warranty that applies to defects and imperfections in the ring's design. Such defects should be noticed upon receiving the package, communicated to the seller within 2 - 3 days, and returned to the box along with the tracking information within a week. Merchant warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, such as minor scratches.

How to take care of my tungsten ring and avoid any possible damage?

Tungsten rings are strong, durable, and scratch-resistant, but not scratch-proof. Thus, it can get damaged if hit by a heavy object or dropped to the floor. Your ring can give you many years of satisfaction or can get damaged within a few days or weeks, depending on the maintenance it receives daily. Always treat your ring with care. To avoid any possible damage to your RING, please remove it anytime you go to the gym, exercise with dumbbells, or work with a heavy object.


*Avoid dropping or striking your ring with a heavy object

*Limit contact with Chemicals

*Avoid the use of ultrasonic jewellery cleaners because they can cause microscopic fractures in your ring.

*Do not use ultrasonic jewellery cleaners

How long does it take for the shop to get back to me?

Please allow me up to 48 hours to get back to you. I will do my best to respond to all your requests as soon as it is possible.

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